Goodnews!!! We Are Launching Our Audio And Video Teaching Ministry

Hello everyone!

By this time last year, our ministry launched An online platform through which we disseminate the revelation of Jesus and His work of redemption to the entire world.

Following the launching of that platform, we received numerous requests for our audio messages from people coming from different cities, states and countries.

To these requests we paid attention but never really acted immediately towards it. We waited, prayed and trusted God for His leadings.

Having therefore received full confirmations in our hearts from the Spirit of God, we are convinced that this is the angle the Lord will have us take this year 2020 and upwards, for the propagation of His Word and works through His Spirit, as He grants us the provisions.

It is therefore with joy that I announce to you all, the starting of our audio and video teaching ministry using a Telegram channel.

Like we have been doing with, we will through this channel, teach the entire Bible in the light of Christ, explaining simple and seemingly difficult passages of the scriptures, bringing Glory to our Saviour, Jesus.

You can join this Telegram channel by searching for "Gospel Teachings By Prince Gabriel Okocha" or click on the link below this post to join the channel directly.

Every time we post any teaching directly on the platform, it will come directly to your inbox on Telegram. You can download and listen to it from there.

If you ever have any question from there, feel free to forward any of such questions to us through the email address: or log on to FeedMeJesus and do that directly using the contact form here.

I hope this information meets you well. I'll be looking forward to having you on our Telegram channel as soon as possible.

Here's the link for that:

Click on it and join immediately.

You're greatly blessed, deeply loved and highly favoured!!!

Share this goodnews with as many as you can. And "Thank you" for doing that!

If you will like to partner with us in this through the provision of data subscriptions or monetarily, kindly call any of these lines: +2348130229784, +2348166827588, +2348068286776.

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