Why Must A Man Believe To Receive Salvation? An MP3 Gospel Teaching By Prince Gabriel Okocha

One of the most popularly believed concepts among Christians in the world today is that every man was born in sin.

According to that concept, the sin of Adam automatically made every man born into the world a sinner.

If this is correct, why is it that the sacrifice of Jesus has not automatically rendered every man on earth today a righteous man, since it was meant to undo what Adam did? Why must a man first BELIEVE before he receives Salvation and every other thing Jesus died so he could have?

If what Adam did made me a sinner, why is God still judging me for sin when it has absolutely nothing to do with me? Why not just punish Adam and let me go, since I didn't even become a sinner by my own making?

If questions like these and more have ever bothered your mind, you will find answers to that and more in this Gospel teaching titled WHY MUST A MAN BELIEVE TO RECEIVE SALVATION.

I pray for you, that as you download and listen to this, the eyes of your understanding will be enlightened, that you catch the revelations of God's Word and the sacrifice of Jesus. And that your relationship with Him will grow stronger, deeper and higher!

God has blessed you beloved, and His love for you is beyond description!

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