God's True Nature Revealed In Jesus (MP3 Teaching)

This Gospel teaching explains the true person, nature and character of God as fully revealed in Jesus Christ. If you have ever wondered how God could be so mean and hot tempered as presented the in old testament, and then so loving, merciful and soft in the new, this teaching is for you.

 If you have ever had a difficulty understanding and relating with God, I urge you to download and listen to this. As you see God clearly revealed in His Son, you will be so drawn to His love that your fears and doubts will melt away, giving rise to a stronger walk and relationship with Him.
You will serve Him not as a slave serving His master, but as a son who is fully aware that His Father is eternally pleased in him. You will so learn of His true nature that when certain things happen around you, you can confidently say, "I know God didn't do this, because I have seen His character clearly revealed in Christ. Whatever cannot be traced to Jesus, has absolutely nothing to do with God.."

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