Daily Affirmations For The Believer In Christ (October Edition)


In this 10th month of the Year 2021, I proclaim the blessings of Psalms 122:7 over my life! (Read that verse)

Peace shall be within my home, and Prosperity in my going out and coming in!

I speak the peace of God over my mind, my health, my business, my job and my my relationships. I have victory, complete victory, in all that concerns me.

For the rest of the year, safety is mine and that of my loved ones. Regardless of where I am, what time it is, who I'm with and the situation at hand, I am supernaturally protected.

This month, I have all that I require, to fulfill God's purposes and visions in my heart. I refuse to be in lack. God's abundance is mine.

This month, my skills, talents, spiritual gifts, business or job brings me before great men. Men through whom my life will be changed for good.

This month, I will be more than a blessing to my family, my church and the world. I will work for God in my neighborhood and beyond, with my abilities and my resources, as the Lord prospers me.

This is my month of Peace and Prosperity. And as I have declared it, so shall it be, in Jesus name. Amen!

Glory to God!

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