Does Grace or HyperGrace permit people to live licentious in sin, without any form of repentance? Do grace preachers teach that it is OK to sin?

Is HyperGrace truly a doctrine of devils?

Let me start by saying that if Grace or rather HyperGrace is truly a doctrines of devils, then the devils are the ones preaching the true Gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

It is ignorance to call LICENTIOUSNESS HyperGrace. It is a greater ignorance to call HyperGrace a doctrine of the Devil. That will be kicking against the revealed truth in the scriptures.

When you study Apostle Paul's description of the grace of our Lord Jesus in Ephesians 2:7, Romans 5:20 and 1 Timothy 1:14, you'll find out that he uses one word to describe it. And that word when translated to English language is the word HYPER.

Before you doubt me and quote the big names of so called pastors who are writing and preaching against HYPERGRACE, read the scriptures you see here from your own Bible yourself and please check their Greek words and meanings.

What most people talk about when they erroneously talk against HyperGrace is what the Bible calls LICENTIOUSNESS, and please for heaven's sake go and study the whole of Jude 1 and pay more attention to verses 3 &  4 where Jude says certain men crept in unawares and turned the grace of our God into lasciviousness.

The word "lasciviousness" in those verses is the same word for LICENTIOUSNESS. And before you think it's saying they've changed the grace message into lasciviousness, check the Greek word for "turning" in that verse.

The word" turning" in Jude 1 is the English word "TRANSPOSE" which means "to change something for another or rather to remove something and place another thing in its stead."

If we are to put that into perspective, it simply means that other men crept in and started preaching licentiousness, which is a completely different message from the grace message that Jesus and His apostles preached. It's not like the grace message has become licentiousness, it is that Grace is not being preached at all. Something else is being preached, not grace.

That is what Jude 1 is saying. The writer is not against Grace or Hypergrace messages. That is why in his concluding verses, he went on to assure of the believer's eternal security in the Father's Love which the Grace message is all about.

Bottom line: LICENTIOUSNESS or LASCIVIOUSNESS does not and cannot come from HyperGrace which is the preaching of the message of Jesus Christ and his finished works. LICENTIOUSNESS or Lasciviousness rather is the absence of Grace of our God revealed through Jesus and that grace from the past until now and till tomorrow will continue to be HYPER, abounding to all men all over the world.

Learn to read the Bible for yourself with a sincerely open heart to verify truths as they are revealed in it.

Don't just raise unnecessary arguments like those without an access to the Word. Open it and find out if these description of God's grace are truly so in Ephesians 2:7, Romans 5:20, 1 Timothy 1:14 and Jude 1:3-4.

I hope this blesses you. 

Glory to God!

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