Get Set, People! Grace & Glory Conference 2020 Is Here!!!

Dear friends, it pleased the Lord and us that these two, having demonstrated consistency in growth both in the Word and demonstrations of the Spirit, speak at this year's Grace and Glory Conference.

Unknowingly to them, the Holy Spirit placed their names in our hearts since the first thought of the program was conceived.

Grace and Glory Conference may just be in the days of it's little beginnings (2nd year), but it's aimed at being our church's biggest annual event.

It is my deepest desire that you will never for any reason in this world, miss the program.

The glorious Gospel of Jesus will be preached or taught with so much simplicity and accuracy, the manifestations of the Spirit given a free course.

The year may just be remaining a few days to fold up, but the creator of days certainly can use even a day in this program to perform something tangible in your life. This may be the season and answer you've been waiting for. Do not let anything stop you from being in attendance.

"Now is the time!" Says the Spirit. Don't let anything stop you!

We are set, and so is the Spirit of God!




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