Daily Affirmations For The Man In Christ (The Believer today)

Pst. Paulrodney Okonkwo

Today, like every other day, I affirm that I am born of God. His deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is enshrined in the very fabrics of my being.

I affirm that God is a good God. He is my Father, and I am His son!

I affirm that I have the righteousness of God in me, His holiness, wisdom and eternal life. I have been saved by grace through faith and can NEVER ever for any reason, perish!

I affirm that God is deeply interested in my personal well-being. He takes pleasure in seeing me Whole. Spirit, soul and body! He delights in seeing me living in abundance and prospering greatly.

Today I affirm that God takes NO pleasure in seeing me suffer. If He wanted to teach me any lesson, He wouldn't use Poverty, Sickness, Lack or even Death to teach me that. He would teach me everything I need to know by His word, His Spirit, human teachers and angels if need be.

I affirm today that God's favour is upon me, in so much measure that ALL things work together for my good. Nothing works against me. Absolutely nothing!

I affirm today that God has put within me the strength, talents, gifts and wisdom to better my life and that of others. I may not have learnt about all my potentials, but I am never a nonentity!

I affirm that my day is blessed. Only good things are permitted to happen to me today, this week and always.

I affirm that I am what God says I am and have all He says I have. Now and forever!


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