And the Word BECAME Flesh


God, manifested among us. Not as an angel, an object or in His un-approachable divine form but as Man, to reckon with humanity in every respect.

Being the very Seed of God from whom ALL creations derived life and sprout into existence, He needed not the seed of Joseph or that of any other man to take the form of man, He became a fully complete man while still carrying the totality of God.

With eyes completely focused on the ressurection and His seeds that will come after, He endured the shame of being born by a sinner, fed by sinners and bore the greatest shame of them all - their Sin and sins.

While you celebrate the Christmas today, realize you are His Trophy, His greatest Trophy. And for you, the Son of God, who Himself is God, will become a man over and over, had the first incarnation not worked.

His only explanation for going through all that He did for you is found in the word spelt as L.O.V.E.

He loves you dear friend, believe me He does.

Let nothing stop you from celebrating His birth today. For in incarnation, God identified with humanity. Becoming one with you. That is why He is able to understand everything you have or will ever go through.

Merry Christmas to you and yours. Walk into the new year gloriously, expectant of God's multiple blessings!

You are much loved!

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