(Take note that while declaring these Spirit-inspired words, you are to speak them out to your hearing. Do not just say them in your heart alone. Your ears need to hear your lips say them)

This day I declare that everything concerning me aligns with the plan of God for me. My relationships, finance, business/career and so on. They all align with the plan of God for me.

I lay claim to my eternal life in Christ. My health will not fail. My business/career will not fail. My marriage will work and not fail.

There is an increase for me and through me. A supernatural kind of multiplication, upon whatever or whoever I lay my hand!

This season I walk in Light. No room for darkness. I receive of the Spirit clearly. My mind is alert to receive His inspiration and leading. I see clearly, hear clearly and flow with accuracy.

I receive the ministry of Angels, even at critical moments. I refuse to be stranded, at any time and any place.

This season, Grace abounds for me. I walk in effortless victory. Over sin, addictions, sicknesses and demonic spirits. My spirit is God's domain. Likewise my body, mind and soul. I refuse to be influenced or controlled by any other.

Eternal life is my reality!

Prosperity is my reality!

Victory is my reality!

Righteousness and holiness are my reality!

I am justified, sanctified and preserved of God. In the name of Jesus!


(Now rejoice! Again, rejoice)


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