They said He owns the whole world. Yet He DEMANDS the very little that I have using various means to force them out of my hands – Tithes, Firstfruits etc. If I fail to give Him, He makes me sick in my body, sends His legions of destroyers after the work of my hands and my family is not exempted from his destructions as well.

They said He is easily provoked, He can make a woman barren at the slightest provocation or will even allow her to get pregnant only to later kill her and her unborn child in the delivery room as a result of her unforgivable sins.

They told me He is sovereign, does whatever He likes, whenever He wants, however He likes and wherever He likes - all because His sovereignty is such that no MAN can question Him.

He is unpredictable, can be angry at me today and tomorrow He is not. Nothing gives Him joy than seeing me sorrowful, poor and unkempt 24 hours of the day as this is what He calls Holiness or Righteousness.

He is the force behind earthquakes, flood disasters, hurricanes and other natural disasters as He controls the entire universe and nothing can happen unless He permits it.

I was born again but the word RAPTURE was a terror to me as I lived in constant fear of not being RAPTURABLE due to the teaching that God could still throw me back to Hell even after saving me if I didn’t live right to MAINTAIN my salvation.

I was taught I was His servant, and I feared Him, served Him and worshipped Him as one. Seeing myself as His son was an occasional thing.

Then I encountered the Word of His grace through men like Andrew Wommack, Joseph Prince etc. and everything changed completely. I remembered running as a result of joy from one end of the Hostel to the other in the then GTS 2013 (now GTI) after reading Andrew Wommack’s book ‘’THE WAR IS OVER’’. 

Through the teachings of these men, I came to know that God has expressly revealed Himself in and through His Son Jesus.

 Who Jesus was is who God was. Who He is is who God is, and who He will be is who God will be.
In this Jesus His Son, I saw the image of God that was far different from anything I used to know or believe. 

My fears melted in His love. My servant mentality gave way. I got to know I was His Son and He was my father.

I learned the true meaning of his sovereignty and that He’s not the one killing people and destroying things. I came to know God in Jesus. I saw Him Face to face, flesh to flesh - the almighty in the body of a walking man like me. I came to realise that Jesus, not anything or anyone else, is the full expression of God!

And now, this is what I have committed my life and ministry to do - revealing the true God in Christ and His unconditional love for man. Because it's only in Jesus that we can see Him clearly!


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  1. Thank you Sir. I was richly blessed.


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