I rebuke the Spirit of depression over your life. That voice that tells you your life is over, be silenced forever!

Your life is not over! It only just began. You just walked into a new phase of life. Your present predicament is only for a while! You will rise again!

I say you my friend, will rise again! And this time, your story will shock the world. Because the Spirit of God is rewriting it now for you!

That voice of condemnation that brings up things from your past to judge you; mental images of mistakes and things you are not proud of, in order to weaken your spirit. By the righteousness mandate of Calvary (the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ) that voice speaks no more!

On the account of Grace and Faith, you are a righteous man. That you have never felt, talked or acted like one doesn't negative this truth. It is written! (2Cor.5:21, Ephesians 2:8-9) Believe it and let it dawn on your consciousness.

You are free from the spirit of hopelessness and suicide! Your life have a meaning, therefore live and keep living!

This day I bless your academic qualifications, your certificates, skills and talents. I call forth life changing opportunities and help to come upon them. Let demands be placed on them from different offices, companies and conglomerates!

I lift burdens of debts off your shoulders. Let supernatural interventions come your way speedily. Let every debt be settled, by miraculous provisions and supernatural cancellations!

Finally I activate the ministry of Angels on your behalf. Angels of consolation, supply, protection and much more. Receive their ministry today!

In the name of the resurrected Jesus, Amen!

Glory to God!

Rise and rejoice. Supernatural help is here!

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